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LiDaCheng is a learning-oriented enterprises, with talent as the basis, to build the core team as the key point, to become the most innovative, the most learning ability, cohesion of the high-tech private enterprises.
We established online business school, for the enterprise personnel to create a good learning platform.
We are a caring team, keep to China public welfare, and donate the project of hope primary school.
Under the background of global high quality life, we are committed to understand customer needs, adhering to the "research and development innovation as the forerunner, high-end quality oriented", to provide creative products exceed customer expectations.

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  • E-mail: sales@gtcoupe.net

  • Skype: catsichan_1
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    Room H ,13/F Fusheng Building,17-25 Fukwa Street,Shanshui po, Kowloon, H.K. 56030851

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