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Multi-interface,such as HDMI,Gigabit Ethernet RJ45,

Two USB A female,VGA,USB C female.


1.Type-c port

2.Type-c ,

Multi-interface,such as HDMI port-Support 4K*2K/30HZ Vedio Output,Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 port-Support 1000M,Two USB A female port-The Hightest Speed of the data transmisson 5GB,VGA Port-Support 1080P Vedio Output,USB C female Port-Support Quick Charge 15-100W.

3.VGA such as display the PPT,1080P video and others with the projector equipment of VGA interface

HDMI female with HD4K*2K/30HZ output mainly for transferring the computer or mobile video with Type-c  interface to the big screen TV or projetor.

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